Storytelling as a Service.

Storytelling as a Service

Introducing the first subscription-based storytelling model.

Fundamentally what is wrong with video production is two glaring issues: Time and Budget. We wanted to build a new model that helps growing organizations tell consistent stories within a framework that is proven to work.

How Storytelling as a Service works:

  • Quarterly Creative Meetings
    During this meeting, the Redwood Team walks you through our Story Identification process - helping you identify the good things going within your organization.
  • Clear Creative Briefs
    After the Quarterly Story Identification meeting, our Team will build a creative brief summarizing the work that will be performed and the stories that will be told in the upcoming three months.
  • Monthly Studio Sessions
    We've built a studio to capture your story. Interviewees will be scheduled by the Redwood Team and filmed at a time that works the best for everyone.
  • Onsite Footage
    We will travel to you and gather footage to be utilized in your stories. This footage is critically important and is a must-have in our storytelling process.
  • Monthly Deliverables
    We deliver your story and help you promote it. All the content we create is yours for you to use however you'd like. If we ever breakup, all your finished work will remain available for the following 12 months.
  • Rinse & Repeat
    After each quarter of work, we will review what content gained the most traction, fine-tune our process, rate our communication and discuss future stories.



Our storytelling process explained.

We want to create the perfect balance of value and execution and that starts with a plan.

By creating guardrails, we keep both our Teams laser-focused on the plan.

If something is working, let’s do more of it. If it’s not, let’s pivot to what works best.

We’ll implement our Storytelling Operating System within your organization to help find and tell meaningful stories.

By creating space for creativity, we can dig deep and find the stories that have yet to be told.

Whether a story helps generate new business or leads your next hire to you, let’s celebrate the wins together.